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Chat items, inventories, Discord pictures and many more is now visibile on both Minecraft and Discord.

We also addded some cool gadgets to our lobby to make it a little more fun :)


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More cool additions about 1 month ago

With the installation of mcMMO and Infernal Mobs players have a couple of fun, new ways to grind for stuff.

Right now we are also busy with making new armor sets to gather and collect. There will be a lot of OP new stuff so be sure to stay updated.

Usefull Information:

To use WorldEdit on your island you need the desired blocks in your inventory and you have to be Island Rank Moderator or higher. Ask the Island owner to rank you up to get permission to use it (If you are not the owner).

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Update Summary about 1 month ago

We have been undergoind a lot of updates recently.

With the addition of WorldEdit for players, custom armor sets, talismans, a hub and a new restart system makes playing even more fun. We know we sometimes suffered some connection issues wich are almost all solved with the use of Bungeecord. We now can all connect with 1 IP:

We also added some new OP things like Sell Chests and Condense/Craft Chests. These chests are all compatible with our current hopper plugin. More usefull chests releasing soon.

There were also some economy changes. We changed the economy in such way that Iron Golems are the best spawners to go for when it comes to money.

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We added a variety of plugins to the server.

The first one is Upgradeable Farms. These farms are obtainable with /farm get and cost 150.000. Fully upgrading a farm can be expensive.

The second thing we add are Upgradeable Chests. This is obtainable by typing the command /chests.

And as last, we added player glow for donators. Just a fun nice new perk for donators.

Happy playing!

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We added block stacking to blocks that give island value.

There are a few known, not critical bugs we are aware off and these will get patched very soon!

To stack blocks you place 1 block you want to stack. Then you hold shift while you place another one on the one you placed. You will see the block becoming x2. Be carefull with this! Its in development. When you are stacking blocks, make sure you don't stack too fast.


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