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All gamemodes on ReeferCraft Network are unique in their own way with gameplay you probably have never seen. With our awesome and active community you also stay in touch with the server and the players. If you are looking for custom gameplay in gamemodes like OP-SkyBlock, Survival and Minigames, then you should definitely join the ReeferCraft experience.

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The oldest gamemode on RC, and probably also the most overpowered. With over 210 custom enchants en an endless list of customizations you are sure to make loads of money and become very powerful.


Survive on a custom generated map with claims and pvp. This server also has the 210 custom enchants and is also packed with lots of customization. It is even possible to slay the ReeferCraft Dragon once every 6 hours to become the Dragon Slayer!


Team up and raid, destroy and control! With some custom enchants and cannons! Do you have what it takes to build a raid-proof base and rule the server? Come and try out your luck today!


Want to play some minigames with friends? In this server you can play games to earn money for 1 reason only. Buying kits to fight others. Everything you do earns money you can spend on armor at the shopkeepers in spawn.

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