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Before you ask any staff for help with problems around spawners you first need to check a couple things.

First of all, you shift right-click the spawner to see spawner info.

On the book on the left you can see the spawner stats and spawning conditions.

In the middles spawner block you can see the type of spawner and the next time it is going to spawn.

In the right emerald block you can see if the spawning requirements are met and see why the spawner isn't spawning (If that is the case)

3 months ago

We added a variety of plugins to the server.

The first one is Upgradeable Farms. These farms are obtainable with /farm get and cost 150.000. Fully upgrading a farm can be expensive.

The second thing we add are Upgradeable Chests. This is obtainable by typing the command /chests.

And as last, we added player glow for donators. Just a fun nice new perk for donators.

Happy playing!

3 months ago

We added block stacking to blocks that give island value.

There are a few known, not critical bugs we are aware off and these will get patched very soon!

To stack blocks you place 1 block you want to stack. Then you hold shift while you place another one on the one you placed. You will see the block becoming x2. Be carefull with this! Its in development. When you are stacking blocks, make sure you don't stack too fast.


3 months ago

There was a major bug related to spawner amount saving, this is now totally solved. We needed to change spawner plugin so if you have an old spawner contact an Admin.

You can now shift + right-click spawners to see information and spawning conditions!

4 months ago

We made changes and added mob drops to a big variety of animals:

All mobs get killed on stack.

Blazes now drop loot when they are not killed by the player.

 - Villagers drop Emerald when killed by player.

 - Endermite drop Enderpearl.

 - Fox drops Bone.

 - Bat drops String.

 - Ocelot drops Feathers. 

Let me know if there are more mobs to add.

4 months ago