All the information needed to start brewing alcohol in our Factions server!

Brewing Alcohol

In the ReeferCraft Factions server it is possible to brew your own booze! The booze will make you drunk and the quality of the liquor will decide if your drunk-time will be a pleasant time or not.

How does it work?

Cooking / Fermenting

The first step is cooking the ingredients.

  1. Place a cauldron over fire
  2. Fill it with water
  3. Use ingredients on the cauldron to add them
  4. Wait while they cook, checking the time with a clock
  5. Fill glass bottles from the cauldron when done


Place a Glowstone dust in the top slot of a brewing stand as a filter. (It won't be consumed) Load your filled bottles into the brewing stand


Wooden barrels are required for aging. They have inventories where you can store brews while they age. There are two barrel sizes, and most recipes require a specific type of wood.

Small barrel

8 wood stairs
1 sign
Build a barrel shape with the stairs. Then, place a sign on the front-side bottom-right with Barrel on the top line. You will get a confirmation: Barrel created.

Big barrel

18 wood planks
16 wood stairs
5 wood fence
1 sign
Build barrel matching the image below, making sure to leave 1 empty space at the center. Then, attach a sign with Barrel on the top line. You will get a confirmation in chat.

You may remove the sign from a big barrel after creating it.


It's time to brew. Unlike in vanilla Minecraft it is not as simple as adding an Ingredient to a Brewing Stand and waiting for it to finish. Depending on the recipe, the process can be difficult and time consuming. Some recipes require precision when it comes to ingredients and timing. If you aren't careful, the batch could have unintended side effects, or be ruined altogether.

Sobering Up

After drinking it can take a while for the alcohol to completely wear off. During that time, your alcohol level will steadily decrease. This process can be accelerated by eating bread, and drinking milk.

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All the recipes and qualities displayed in a table.

NameIngredientsCook timeDistilledAgeBarrelAlcoholEffect
Wheat Beer3 x Wheat8 minutes2 daysBirch+
Beer6 x Wheat8 minutes3 daysAny+
Dark Beer6 x Wheat8 minutes8 daysSpruce+
Mead6 x Sugar Cane3 minutes4 daysOak++
Apple Mead6 x Sugar Cane, 2 x Apple4 minutes4 daysOak++Water breathing
Rum14 x Sugar Cane5 minutes2 times14 daysOak++Fire resistance
Vodka10 x Potato15 minutes2 times++Weakness, Poison
Absinthe15 x Grass3 minutes6 times+++Poison
Potato Soup5 x Potato, 3 x Grass3 minutesHealing
Coffee12 x Cocoa Beans2 minutesRegeneration, Speed
Espresso20 x Cocoa Beans2 minutes1 time?
Latte20 x Cocoa Beans, 2 x Milk3 minutes1 time?
Apple Cider4 x Sugar, 3 x Apple4 minutes2 times3 daysJungle?
Beetroot Whiskey5 x Beetroot Seeds, 5 x Seeds, 3 x Sugar5 minutes4 times15 daysOak++?
Beggar's Stew10 x Rotten Flesh, 4 x Wheat2 minutes1 time?
Blood Wine5 x Acacia Leaves, 4 x Nether Wart, 2 x Pink Tulip, 2 x Poppy6 minutes6 times6 daysDark Oak+?
Bone Tequila8 x Bone, 6 x Sugar, 2 x Blue Orchid2 minutes4 times3 daysAny++?
Brandy3 x Cactus, 2 x Rose, 1 x Sugar4 minutes1 time8 daysSpruce++?
Bright Vodka8 x Potato, 4 x Glowstone Dust, 1 x Speckled Melon8 minutes8 times++?
Cachaca2 x Brown Mushroom, 2 x Green Wool, 1 x Sugar Cane3 minutes2 times4 daysAcacia++?
Champagne2 x Apple, 1 x Gold Nugget, 1 x Sugar5 minutes1 time2 daysOak+?
Chorus Rum10 x Sugar, 4 x Ender Pearl, 1 x Popped Chorus Fruit4 minutes2 times10 days++?
Clear Gin4 x Wheat, 4 x Beetroot Seeds3 minutes5 times6 daysBirch++?
Cream Stout12 x Cocoa Beans, 8 x Wheat, 2 x Milk3 minutes2 daysAcacia+?
Dandelion Wine12 x Dandelion4 minutes10 daysAny+?
Dark Stout10 x Wheat, 4 x Coal, 2 x Gold Nugget, 1 x Iron Ingot16 minutes12 daysAcacia+?
Ender Mead6 x Sugar, 2 x Chorus Fruit, 1 x Ender Pearl5 minutes3 daysAcacia+?
Ender Vodka7 x Potato, 6 x Ender Pearl, 2 x Lapis Lazuli4 minutes8 times++?
Everclear20 x Wheat8 minutes16 times+++?
Fish Brew1 x Raw Fish, 1 x Raw Salmon, 1 x Clownfish, 1 x Pufferfish4 minutes1 time?
Gammel Dansk8 x Dark Oak Leaves, 6 x Poppy, 1 x Dandelion6 minutes3 times5 daysSpruce+?
Hard Apple Cider5 x Apple, 4 x Sugar, 1 x Golden Apple10 minutes2 times3 daysJungle+?
Kossu4 x Clay Ball, 4 x Seeds, 4 x Sugar, 3 x Quartz, 1 x End Rod4 minutes4 daysAny++?
Melon Schnapps16 x Melon, 8 x Melon Seeds, 2 x Speckled Melon4 minutes2 times+?
Nether Brew6 x Quartz, 4 x Wheat, 2 x Nether Wart7 minutes3 daysDark Oak+?
Nether Rum15 x Sugar Cane, 2 x Blaze Powder, 2 x Nether Wart6 minutes2 times3 daysDark Oak++?
Nether Vodka8 x Potato, 2 x Nether Brick, 1 x Ghast Tear8 minutes6 times++?
Pumpkin Wheat Beer12 x Wheat, 4 x Pumpkin Seeds7 minutes8 daysAcacia+?
Snowman's Drink3 x Snow Ball, 2 x Coal, 2 x Stick, 1 x Carrot20 minutes?
Soda Water2 x Melon, 2 x Snow Ball, 1 x Diamond, 1 x Beetroot2 minutes4 times?
Stout Beer10 x Wheat, 3 x Seeds, 2 x Cocoa Beans6 minutes2 daysDark Oak+?
Sweet Tea5 x Sugar, 4 x Oak Leaves, 2 x Grass, 1 x Poppy4 minutes?
Tasty Drink5 x Melon, 2 x Sugar, 1 x Cactus2 minutes?
Volatile Beer6 x Wheat, 2 x Gunpowder, 2 x Seeds4 minutes2 daysOak+?